Logistech247 Product Introduction:

Logistech247 is a journey monitoring system including a black box (locating device) with a certificate of conformity to standards and regulations according to the standards of the Ministry of Transport (Regulation QCVN21:2014/BGTVT) and a software system with Japan quality.

Users can intuitively manage the vehicle's location, speed, and fuel consumption in close to real time. Easily create warnings for speeding, entering and exiting toll stations, gas stations, parking lots, customer companies,... or vehicles exceeding stopping/parking time. Full reporting system, meeting each user's individual requirements.

With a completely new design, using BIG DATA technology, the system will bring users an extremely wonderful experience that other Journey Monitoring systems DO NOT HAVE. Now, users no longer have to endure the system running too slowly, freezing, losing data, etc.

The journey monitoring system is scalable and combined with other transportation management systems to create the perfect solution for businesses. Our team of engineers is ready to advise and support customers when they need to integrate into an existing transportation management system.

Logistech247 system operating model

Hardware Information:

Technical specifications

Power supply 12-36V
Energy consumption Standby mode 80mA, sleep mode 50mA, deep sleep mode 10mA
Working temperature -20 0C to 400C
GPRS bandwith GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Coordinate system WGS-84
Battery backup 750 mAh
Memory Stick 2Gb Micro SD


  • Automatically transfer data to the server at a predetermined time
  • Communication according to CAN bus standard
  • Set device parameters (send from server, SMS, or manual USB settings)
  • Instant speed overspeed warning function with 3 speed settings as required
  • Direction sensor G sensor
  • Watch dog and automatic reset function
  • Send device problem message to server (For example: low voltage, unplugged power, ...)
  • FOTA remote firmware update
  • Power saving mode, low power loss when parking for long periods
  • Automatically protect the device when the input voltage is too high
  • 2-way calling

Journey control device

Certificate Standards - Regulation

Logistech247 journey tracking:


  • Travel monitoring: Allows real-time monitoring of vehicle journeys.
  • Route history: Easily view the vehicle's journey history by day, week, month.
  • General report: Statistics on distance traveled, driving time, time stopping to turn on or off the engine, number of stops, number of speeding times, number of driving times more than 4 hours, number of times through toll booths.
  • General fuel report: Statistics on fuel consumption of each vehicle (or all vehicles) by day. The number of kilometers traveled, the corresponding number of liters of oil consumed, and whether they exceed the allowable limit. Statistics of oil filling times and oil filling locations.
  • Travel report: Report the travel history of each vehicle over an optional time period (maximum 1 month). Allows visual viewing of vehicle movement on the map. Export travel itinerary reports with images.
  • Fuel consumption report: of each vehicle, including distance traveled and number of liters of oil consumed by day, week, month. Allows exporting reports with images.
  • Speed ​​violation report: of each vehicle (or all vehicles) by day, week, month. Report information includes start time, end time, start location, end location, and violation route.
  • Parking report: Allows statistics on parking or stopping status by day, week, month. Report information includes start time, end time, stop/park time, stop/park location.
  • Region entry and exit report: By manually setting up monitoring zones, users can then export status reports of vehicles entering and leaving the monitoring zone. Report information includes time entering the zone, time leaving the zone, time in the zone, name of the monitoring zone, address of the monitoring zone.
  • Warning function: The system automatically sends warning information (via website, email or text message) when vehicles enter or leave the monitoring area, speeding, or running continuously. 4 hours or stopping / parking beyond the specified time.
  • Report of General Department of Roads QCVN31: The system provides full reports as required by General Department of Roads, standard QCVN31:2014/BGTVT
  • Security: Strong authorization function, ensuring information is only accessed when authorized.
  • Create a monitoring area: Easily create a monitoring area directly on the digital map.
  • System management: Allows employee management, driver management, vehicle management, vehicle group management, maintenance management, maintenance type, notification management, management supporting information.

Demo system of Logistech247 WEB version

Demo Logistech247 system Smartphone version

Why Choose Logistech247 Journey Monitoring System?

Compliant with standards and regulations

The product meets QCVN31:BGTVT standards, used for vehicle registration and badges.

Optimize operating costs

Businesses using Logistech247 will be supported to upgrade to AUTOTMS version, which has professional transportation management functions.


System integration

We support the integration of the Logistech247 system into the business's existing transportation management system.


We support system deployment on customer servers.

Support Upgrading to AUTOTMS

In addition to tracking functions, AUTOTMS is the perfect transportation management solution for transportation businesses.

AUTOTMS is a two-in-one version: including a Journey Monitoring System and a Transportation Management System. Transportation businesses now have the opportunity to use a perfect transportation management system at a reasonable cost. Below are the benefits that the AUTOTMS can bring to your business:

B. Benefits for transportation businesses

Businesses want to expand and develop their business, but are unable to meet customer needs. Difficulties in management and control of business activities lead to the loss of many customers, poor transportation capacity, financial loss, loss of time, and poor connectivity and information transmission. AUTOTMS provides solutions to these problems.
  1. Expanding business capabilities
  2. - Supports quick ordering in large quantities.
    - Supports exporting reports and statements quickly, at any time, avoiding errors in statistics and claiming money.
    - Optimize order management with automated functions.
    - Optimize the order processing process flexibly and effectively.
    - Personalize the necessary stored information for each business.
    - Increase interaction between customers and businesses, creating trust.
  3. Order management
  4. - Support for fast data entry: The order creation process becomes simpler than ever with the fast data entry support feature.
    - Support for automatic vehicle dispatching *: The system uses AI technology to help optimize routes to minimize time and costs for transportation.
    - Trip management feature: Helps users plan deliveries and track the status of shipments. Contact the driver when necessary.
    - Order history: Allows users to quickly search, sort, and filter orders.
    - Reminder feature: The system creates reminders when documents are due. Remind drivers to receive orders to avoid missing out.
    * Feature is in experimenting.
  5. Order planning
  6. - By looking at the schedule, it is easy to monitor and evaluate the transportation activities of the business.
    - Allows you to plan and schedule future deliveries in advance. Helps prepare in advance for expected shipping needs.
    - Easily change and adjust plans based on changing requirements and shipping conditions.
  7. Monitor the vehicle's operating status
  8. - Monitor the status of vehicles in the system, from checking empty vehicles and busy vehicles. To understand specifically which shipments the vehicle is running and which days of the month it runs.
  9. Monitor order status
  10. - Managers can monitor order status such as: how many orders there are, how many orders have been delivered, how many orders are being delivered, and how many orders have not been delivered. so that timely adjustments can be made if an incident occurs.
    - Can manage business status anywhere without having to be present at the company.
  11. Management functions
  12. - Dynamic order processing process management, Driver management, Customer debt management, Subcontractor debt management, Vehicle and trailer management, Customer and subcontractor information management, Management user management, etc.
  13. Complete, powerful reporting system
  14. - Customer debt report, Debt summary report, Driver payroll, Subcontractor list, etc.
  15. Security and safety:
  16. - Only authorized people can access information or functions of the system.
    - Data is backed up regularly to ensure no loss in the event of an incident.

Actual photo of Logistech Pro system


Actual shot of AUTOTMS application

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Installed journey monitoring device: JAS121 (standard QCVN31:2014/BGTVT) + SIM + Journey monitoring system Logistech247.

Using the system with special requirements?

We provide a number of services tailored to the specific needs of users


Supports private server installation

Does the business need to use a separate server to ensure security? We are ready to support system deployment on your server.


Do you want to use our software with your current navigation device?

We provide software usage services at a minimal cost, as long as the tracking device you are using is on the list that our system supports.


Frequently asked questions

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Who needs to install a journey monitoring device?

Transport businesses are subject to application under Decree 86/2014/NĐ-CP
Businesses want to manage and monitor the journey and fuel of their vehicle fleet
Individuals who want to monitor and manage their vehicles

What is a journey monitoring device?

Journey monitoring devices (also known as tracking devices) are hardware installed in vehicles. This device will collect location, speed, connection information from other devices (such as oil gauges, magnetic cards, etc.) and send it to the server for later access.

What is Logistech247?

Logistech247 is a journey monitoring system that includes hardware attached to the vehicle, and software that allows users to access and manage all information about the monitored vehicle, such as: location, speed, fuel. consumption, continuous driving time, reports, etc.

What are the difference between Logistech247 and AUTOTMS?

AUTOTMS is an upgraded version of Logistech247. In addition to the journey monitoring functions of the Logistech247 system, the AUTOTMS also has the function of receiving and processing orders, managing business processes of transportation businesses.

What are the benefits of upgrading to AUTOTMS?

A professional and fully functional management system for transportation businesses will help businesses save operating costs, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce risks in the process, business operations.

What is an oil measuring device?

Businesses that need to control fuel consumption can choose to attach an oil measuring device to their vehicle. After being attached, the oil measuring device will connect to the tracking device and begin sending fuel consumption signals to the server for analysis and use.

What tracking devices does AUTOTMS support?

Currently AUTOTMS only supports Smartphone device (Android and IOS)

Integrate tracking devices into other systems?

If you install our tracking device, and need to integrate it into your existing transportation management system, we are ready to support. Please contact us for advice.

Can Logistech247 and AUTOTMS used separately?

Yes, you can. The two systems operate independently, however we encourage customers to use the integrated version for maximum efficiency.

I want to change the tracking device from another supplier?

We have a number of incentives when customers want to switch to using our tracking device. Depending on the quantity and change schedule, the support mode will be different, please contact us to discuss, be consulted.

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